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Eaton Capital Corporation

Construction Materials Industry Investment Banking

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As a specialist in the construction materials and industrial minerals industries, Eaton Capital Corporation offers clients the benefits of a proven track record and expertise in investment banking, corporate finance, and corporate development when conducting business valuations, strategic planning, transaction structuring, process management, and negotiation of terms.  Eaton Capital offers the following range of services to companies and company owners:


• Business Valuation:  Eaton Capital determines the market value of a company by thoroughly analyzing the company’s products, markets, revenues, and costs to predict future cash flows;


• M&A Process Management:  Eaton Capital manages the merger or acquisition of a company or division, including producing an offering memorandum which describes the company and its financial position in the strongest light, developing a comprehensive list of strategic and financial buyers, actively marketing the company to solicit competitive bids, structuring each transaction to meet the seller’s needs, negotiating the numerous terms and conditions of each deal, and helping the sellers complete the transaction on a timely basis;

• Strategic Advisory Services:  Eaton Capital assists company owners in evaluating strategic alternatives related to ownership structure, succession planning and advance planning for growth or sale.  Eaton Capital also evaluates the strategic “fit” and profit potential of specific companies, divisions, or projects within the context of the relevant product and capital markets;


• Expert Witness Testimony:  Eaton Capital provides expert witness testimony in legal proceedings regarding the valuation, acquisition or sale of construction materials and industrial minerals companies.