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The following articles appeared in Rock Products (PDF)
Rock Products, May 2016. 
Rock Products, August 2007. 
Rock Products, July 2004.  
Rock Products, March 2004.
Rock Products, August 1998. 
Rock Products, March 1998.
Rock Products, February 1998.
News and Views is a newsletter published periodically by Eaton Capital Corporation.  It contains articles relevant to current financing issues in the construction materials industry, as well as timely data on recent transactions and USGS rankings of top Aggregate Producers.  (PDF) 


"Is Now a Good Time to Sell?"                                                                                       Jun 2017

"What Is Your Company Worth?"                                                                                   Jan 2016
"Selling Your Company in a "Changing" Market"                                                                  Feb 2009
"The Big Two:  Price & Indemnity"                                                                                        Feb 2008
"Selling Your Company for Public Company Stock"
May 2007
"Is Consolidation Picking up?"
May 2007
“Is Now a Good Time to Sell? (and Won’t Taxes Kill Me if I Do?)"
Nov 2006
“Who are These ‘Financial’ Buyers?”
Aug 2006
"The Benefits of Competition"
Nov 2005
"Valuation of Public Companies"
Aug 2004
"Valuation of Private Companies"
Aug 2003
"Why Should I Hire an Investment Banker?"
Nov 2003
"M & A Activity Still Slow"
Nov 2002
"Taxes on Sale of a Business"
Nov 2001
"Does a Slowing Economy Mean Lower Acquisition Prices?"
Nov 2001
"Thoughts on the Death Tax"
Sep 2000
"The Big Get Bigger"
Sep 2000
"Stock Market Gyrations and Acquisition Prices"
Mar 2000
"Is Consolidation Good for Our Industry?"
Mar 2000
"Too Many Bidders???"
Aug 1999
"Great Expectation versus Uncertainty"
Apr 1999
"Lessons from the CalMat and Hanson Asset Trade"
Oct 1998

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